To provide our customers with a high level of technical expertise in engineering and training in the environment of fiber-optics, security in its various scopes, Data Center, IP networks and IP telephony.
To respond effectively and efficiently to the needs and requirements of the companies and Government’s offices which rely on us.
To achieve the position of BAEL as a reference in the field of Information Technology for the quality of its services and for the human and technical qualities of its staff.

Training courses

FTTH Network essential principles and interpretation of maps

Become a specialist in FTTx networks and PON networks: technology, architecture, network segments and equipment. Learn how to read design maps for FTTH network installation.
It is aimed at project managers, middle managers, maintenance technicians, foremen and fiber optics technicians and installers.

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Optical fibers splicing and connectorization

Become a specialist in handling of optical fiber, knowing connectorization and splicing techniques of optical fibers.
It is aimed at foremen, maintenance technicians, technicians and installers of fiber optics and project managers who want to deepen in handling the optical fiber.

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These are the values which shape the framework of reference for the continuous development of Bael:

  1. To secure the technical accuracy and the excellence in our work.
  2. To improve our expertise with effort and dedication.
  3. To seek the empathy in the deal with the customer.
  4. To decisively and flexibly apply the innovations generated by the continuous change in the field of IT.
  5. To encourage the persons who integrate our team of professionals.
  6. To always bear in mind the individual ethics and the entrepreneurial honesty in our relations.

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