FTTH Network essential principles and interpretation of maps.


Become a specialist in FTTx networks and PON networks: technology, architecture, network segments and equipment. Learn how to read design maps for FTTH network installation.


8-hour course in which you will study the general concepts of FTTH networks, as well as all materials and installation methods in the internal and external plant of the network.

It is aimed at project managers, middle managers, maintenance technicians, foremen and fiber optics technicians and installers.

The FTTH networks basic course allows you to:

  • Know the network architecture of inside plant and the existing equipment (ODFs, optical splitters, active equipment).
  • Know the network architecture of the outside plant and the planning of the network deployment.
  • Know the different civil work materials and the new ducting and installation of subducts methods.
  • Know the types of fiber optic cables (blown fiber vs. standard fiber) and the installation procedure in the different segments of the fiber optic network: backbone, distribution network and subscriber network.
  • Know the network components used in FTTH networks: optical splitters, splicing boxes, distribution cabinets, multiport terminal boxes, etc.
  • Know the procedures for measurements on FTTH networks.
  • Analyze different design and installation maps of FTTH Networks for proper interpretation.

Download the syllabus and course information here

Dates: 18th June
Duration: 8h
Place: Seville directions
Price: 243.80€*
(*)Taxes not included.

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