Optical fibers splicing and connectorization.


Become a specialist in handling of optical fiber, knowing connectorization and splicing techniques of optical fibers.


8-hour course eminently practical, in which you will study the safety rules for working with fiber optics, the fiber types and the techniques of splicing and connectorization of optical fiber.

It is aimed at foremen, maintenance technicians, technicians and installers of fiber optics and project managers who want to deepen in handling the optical fiber.

The course allows you to:

  • Know the safe work standards for splicing and connectorization of optical fiber.
  • Know the types of fiber optic cable and connectors, the cable preparation techniques and the fiber optics splicing techniques.
  • Perform cable stripping practices and practices of performing of different types of splices on standard elements.
  • Perform optical fiber terminations with connectors and with splices on preconnectorized pigtails and in termination trays.

Download the syllabus and course information here

Dates: Pending
Duration: 8h
Place: Sevilla directions
Price: 250€*
(*)Taxes not included.

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