Services for Telecommunications Operators

Servicios operadoras de telecomunicación

In the operator:

  • Cost analysis in telecommunications services.
  • Normative development in the scope of network interconnection and regulated services.
  • Technical/Economic/Regulatory advice for the defense of the interconnection and concurrency conflicts.
  • Comprehensive management of invoicing and collection of interconnection traffics (transit and termination of voice traffic).
  • Assesment on the operators market telecommunications services structure of fees and charges.

Between operators:

  • Negotiation of general interconnection agreements.
  • Infrastructures and site-sharing between operators.
  • Portability.
  • Local-loop unbundling (RUO).
  • Wholesale ADSL.
  • Bearer circuits.
  • Internet transit.
  • Peering agreements.
  • Direct traffic termination between fixed-line operators.
  • Direct traffic termination between mobile network operators.
  • Transit to national and international locations.
  • Transit from national and international locations.

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