Engineering, project management and technical office



  • Outside plant FTTX network design, optical fiber, radio, WAN, etc.
  • Singular building internal network design.
  • Inside plant design. LAN networks design. Technical rooms, inside plant equipment, intelligent cable, etc.
  • Civil engineering work design and infrastructures.
  • Development of schematic diagrams, single-line diagrams, detail diagrams, merger diagrams for junction and dividing boxes.
  • Development of final project design (memories, drawings, specifications, budgets, health and safety study).
  • Development of special projects.
  • Incorporation of the designs in GIS, CAD, BBDD, etc.
  • Development of as-built drawings.

Acquisition of initial information.

  • Compilation of updated information for the preliminary study of initial state.
  • Digital cartography and/or raster location (urban and rural cartography) as well as inside plant drawings.
  • Compilation of information on networks and existing infrastructures liable to be used in the design of the new solution. Contacting operators, utilities and Government’s offices, field data collection. Negotiation for its use.
  • Location of unique elements. Contacting the Government’s offices for identifying the unique elements which may affect the network deployment in the case of the outside plant (free-standing buildings, archaeological remains, protected paving, etc.). Exposition of solutions agreed with the Government’s offices.
  • Location of spaces liable to house equipment in appropriate conditions. (rooms for nodes, communications closets location, facade or building equipment locations, etc.).
  • Field data collection for detail design.
  • GIS digitalisation of field-collected data. Verification of the street map data.

Permits and Licenses Management.

  • Advice and support to the operator for the achievement of a framework agreement with the city council for the deployment of the network.
  • Drafting of documentation for the request of building permits.
  • Management and monitoring of the request for building permits processing in city councils.
  • Drafting of specific documentation for the obtention of private property permits.
  • Management and monitoring of the obtention of private property permits. Technical and contractual clarifications to the property.

Project management.

  • Management of civil works and installations planning.
  • Project and site management.
  • Reporting: Progress reports. Incidence reports. Proposals for unforeseen actions.

Technical Office.

  • Coordination of the companies taking part in the project.
  • Monitoring of all the activities.
  • Monitoring of planning and the achievement of results associated to targets.
  • Delivery of technical advice to customers.
  • Reporting.

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